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Empty Legs Private Jet ChartersSince 2006 ElJet has been a leader in empty leg charter fulfillment. With our extended network of operators, we have a comprehensive and continually refreshed database of available empty legs worldwide.

Because ElJet’s mission is to provide its clients the most cost-effective private charter flight options for their itineraries, whenever we receive a charter request our first-line protocol is to check for empty legs.

If you have never flown private charter and are unfamiliar with how empty legs work, please review the information to the right. Unfortunately, there is misconception surrounding empty leg charter flights as the media has portrayed them as an opportunity to fly private charter for pennies on the dollar. Sadly this is not the reality.

Although empty legs do offer a discount compared to full fare private charter, an empty leg private charter is still more costly than flying commercial. In fact, sometimes empty leg flights can be more costly than a full fare private charter if the empty leg is on a plane that is larger than needed for your itinerary.

At ElJet we present you with the best-priced options for your itinerary so you can make a well-informed purchasing decision.

What is an Empty Leg?

Empty legs are one-way flights that become available when a plane needs to get from point A to point B and is not booked with a fare. The operator will offer the flight at a discount to offset the cost of delivering the plane to its required location.

Where do Empty Legs fly?

Empty legs can go to and from any possible destination. However, the reality is the majority of empty legs depart and arrive the most traveled destinations and routes running between; New York, Los Angeles, Miami, London.

The difficulty in making use of empty legs is that you must find a plane going your exact or approximate route on your specific date of travel. With the high number of arrival and destination possibilities worldwide, finding your route on your days of travel requires a bit of luck. Flexibility greatly increases your chances of finding an empty leg.

When are Empty Legs available?

Empty leg flights typically become available a few days to a few weeks before the plane needs to move to its new location. Operators will attempt to sell the empty flight to their next destination at full fare, however, when they get to a few weeks or days before the empty flight and it remains unsold, the operator will then offer it at a discount. There are occasions, though infrequent, when the operator will offer the empty leg months in advance but as a rule, empty legs flights are offered on a last-minute basis.

How much will I pay for an Empty Leg?

Discounts on empty legs vary but usually range from 10-70% off the full fare price. While people presume that an operator would rather make $500 or $1,000 rather than no money at all from an empty leg flight, this is in fact not the case.

Since flying private charter is a costly way to fly, even at a significant discount it is still more expensive to fly a private charter empty leg than commercial economy class.

Another reason empty leg flights often don’t turn out to be an especially good bargain is that many are available for the largest and most costly planes. Since these jets are more plane than most people require, we can actually often find a lower priced full fare for the appropriate size plane.

How can I get an Empty Leg?

ElJet’s mission is to provide its clients the most cost-effective private charter flight options for their itinerary. Whenever we receive a charter request our first line protocol is to check for empty legs. If we can find you a better-priced option on a full fare flight we will present you that as well.

If you are looking to take advantage of an empty leg flight, flexibility is crucial. The more flexible your date and destination the better the chance you can find an empty leg for your trip.

View Our Empty Legs

Empty leg opportunities go fast. Please contact us asap if you are interested in any of these empty legs.

DateDepartureArrivalAircraftPassengersPriceRequest Info
08/26/18Telluride (TEX)Denver (APA)Premier I6$12,000

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08/25/18Waterbury (OXC)Charleston (CHS)Challenger 6046$9,625

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08/25/18Fort Lauderdale (FLL)Nassau (MYNN)Phenom 3006$2,500

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08/25/18Portland (PWM)Newburgh (SWF)Hawker 400XP8$4,119

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