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Since 2006 ElJet has been an “On-Demand” private charter company. This means we provide charters to our customers on an as-needed basis and do not require a membership.

In the last several years a host of new providers and services have entered the private air travel space. As we’ve watched them come and go, we’ve remained focused on our mission of providing the right aircraft at the right price and making the whole experience, from the first contact to touchdown, a seamless experience.

Confused about all the options? Following is an overview of the three models for private charter.

On-Demand Charter

Jet CharterOn-demand charter is the most flexible of the three models for private charter. It requires no commitment to a single program, plane or travel area. Most importantly, you keep your money in your pocket rather than having it sit in someone else’s account until you use it.


Get the plane that fits your needs based on flight length, passengers and aircraft preference. There are no blackout days or peak period fees.

Transparent Fee Structure
Your quote is inclusive of taxes, FBO, taxi time and pet travel. There is no minimum flight time or blackout dates.

Pay for what you need when you need it rather than tying up significant funds that could be actively working for you. Take advantage of empty-leg flights when available and more economical roundtrip flights.

Jet Cards

Jet CardSimilar to a debit card, with a jet card you prepay for private flights at a fixed hourly rate. When you book a flight, the hours are deducted from your credit. Cards are typically sold in increments of dollars or hours, for example, 25 hours or $150,000.

This option makes the best sense for travelers who fly a regularly scheduled route of two or more hours on a predictable schedule, and usually greater than 50 hours a year.


  • Hourly rate is usually higher than on-demand
  • The opportunity cost of tying up deposited funds
  • Restrictions: the many jet card programs on the market each have their own set of rules, restrictions, and fees.

When considering purchasing a jet card, make sure to ask about:

Peak period surcharges and blackout days
If you plan to fly during holidays and high demand periods this can greatly impact your hourly rates and availability. Currently available programs have peak period surcharges as high as 40% and up to 58 peak days per year.

Taxes and Fees
Federal Excise Tax (FET), passenger segment fee, landing fees, and fuel surcharges
Are these included in the base price? If not, the hourly rate might not be as attractive as it appears.

Range of travel
Most jet cards only travel within a certain region, for example, North America, so travel outside of your assigned region will be at an increased rate or need to be arranged on-demand.

Length of contract
Do your purchased hours expire at the end of one year?

Upgrading or downgrading the size of your aircraft
If you require a longer-range plane or more space or conversely you are traveling alone on a short flight, what are the policies and fees involved with upgrading or downgrading your aircraft?

Minimum flight time
If you fly short trips of an hour or less and there is a minimum flight time of two hours, it may not be as economical as it appears.

Taxi time
Almost all jet cards charge for taxi time. While there is a range, they typically bill 12 minutes per segment, so if you have an hourly rate of $5,000, you pay an additional $1,000 taxi fee.

Pet Policies
Are your pets allowed to travel with you and is a cleaning fee automatically applied?

Full Ownership or Fractional Ownership

Jet OwnershipProfitable if you fly over 400 hours a year.


  • Cost
  • Lack of flexibility

Too large a plane for a small group or short flight drives up costs, additionally large planes limited by the airports at which they can land – they are unable to land at smaller airports, regional airports

Too small a plane for large groups or long flight requires hiring an on-demand charter aircraft

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